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    Artist Micheal Rakowitz has worked on many projects to help those affected by homelessness in New York City. His ParaSITE shelters are described as “custom-built assemblies of plastic bags and tarps that feed off of excess heat provided by building heating systems”. Rakowitz’s work is a great example of how people can help other people through inventively simple means. Look out for ways you can ‘warm’ others, even if it only involves speaking a kind word or being there to listen.

    This is genius.


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    When god became lonely
    he created man,
    Or was it
    When man became lonely
    he created god.
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    Dont get it twisted it that aint no cigar

    That nigga kennedy rolled the fat purp blunt

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  11. Anonymous said: Could you define cognitive dissonance, please?

    The way I perceive it, and life for that matter, is tension and release.

    You feel dissonance when there is tension, or conflicting ideas, and you strive to reach consonance.

    In my opinion the best example of this is music.

    Take a simple 12 bar blues, which has a 3 chord progression





    When you reach the perfect 5th your mind perceives dissonance, and wants to resolve the melody to the one, which releases the tension. Different cadences create different tension, thus creating more of a release when you get to the tonic.

    Even if you dont understand music theory, when you listen to a song it builds tension (usually on the 5th) and then it ‘drops’

    Or when you have sex its building tension to the inevitable climax

    There are a million examples of tension and release in life, ultimately life being tension and death release 

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    say it ain’t so | weezer

    nothing made me happier than the boys playing this song behind me on the hot pavement and the entirely of the group screaming SAY IT AIN’T SOOOOO in unison

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    Sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again.
    — l. gabriel (via)

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    I feel nothing
    I feel everything.
    I don’t know which is worse.
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